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在Qoob Stories的幫助下,您可以下載Instagram在特定標籤下發佈的照片——在一瞬間,您可以將數百張感興趣的圖片保存到您的電腦中。只需遵循以下簡單步驟:

1、安裝並啟動Qoob Stories

獲得Qoob Stories
下載 Download




Type in hashtag

5、按一下下載按鈕生成結果。 Qoob Stories將下載Instagram照片並直接保存到您的PC上。

Click the Download button


  • Click the Arrow symbol on the latest previewed photo to show all the downloaded photos from Instagram:
  • Click the Arrow

  • Hover the cursor over a picture to display the caption, as well as date and time the photo was downloaded on:
  • Hover the cursor over a picture

  • Click the Folder symbol to show the downloaded file in the destination folder; click three dots nearby will show you all the activities for the particular photo:
  • Open the folder

  • Click Update Posts button to update the current search:
  • Click Update Posts button


Click Update All Subscriptions