Do you want to successfully promote your channel, brand or personality on TikTok? Then your primary task is to shoot and publish high-quality videos that would cause a positive response from your target audience. This should be interesting original content that would increase your engagement and get you to the top of TikTok creators.

From this piece, you will find out what exactly you should upload on TikTok and grab a bunch of ideas that will help you seize the attention of new potential followers.

Top Types of Videos on TikTok

Let's take a closer look at the seven key genres that get the most views and likes on the social media platform.


This is one of the most popular videos on TikTok. In fact, TikTok gained its popularity due to viral dances made by creators.

Though there are thousands of dancing videos, the competition is high, so it's important to think carefully about every move and sound.

An alternative original option is a dance with an unusual plot and humour. You can combine different dance styles in one video or surprise the audience with your look or location.

It is equally important to choose popular music, then you will have a better chance of getting onto the For You page (similar to YouTube Trending and Instagram Explore Page).


This genre is about funny jokes on passers-by, relatives or friends who do not know that they are being filmed. If you want your pranks to kill it on TikTok, it’s important to choose an exciting, funny and kind idea and carefully think through the plot. Don’t try to make cruel pranks - the TikTok audience will hate it.


These are small staged videos anyone can relate to. They should be funny, and the trick is to make the target audience feel it and attract them with your unusual vision of a typical situation.

Choose a topic for your sketch that is relevant to your followers. One of the most popular topics for sketch comedy videos is relationships between people.


This is a simple but effective type of content for promotion on TikTok. You can create such videos from interviews with influencers or celebs, popular clips, films and YouTube videos. You can also add your opinion on the matter to add a bit of value to your video or play a funny sketch with a movie sound in the background.

Tip: to extract a sound from a movie or any video, use free audio extractor!


A TikTok challenge is a flash mob in which you need to recreate certain actions. For example, dress a specific way, dance to a certain song, make some trendy makeup, recreate a movie scene, and so on.

Challenges are uploaded to the platform with a special hashtag in the description, which helps other people take part in the challenge too, view more video of this kind and promote a TikTok account.


These are guides and instructions, a slice of useful content available on TikTok.

The point is to provide viewers with a clear step-by-step valuable guide. Shoot a tutorial on the topic that is relevant to your profile and it will certainly attract your target audience. Depending on your channel, the options might be: how to bake a cheesecake, sew a skirt, audit your Instagram account, choose a beauty care product, do makeup, create a song and more.

A tutorial is a great way not only to diversify content and entertain users but also to gain their trust and highlight your expertise. It is easy to advertise products and services with valuable videos like this. Besides, useful guides and how-tos have a great sharing potential, so people will post your guide on other platforms which will give you reach on TikTok.


Videos made together with other creators can be filmed in several ways: in real time or as a reaction to already published content. Duets are an actionable way of TikTok promotions since they make it possible to take advantage of the popularity of another creator, to attract their existing audience and get onto the For You page.


We recommend testing different video formats on TikTok and track the response of your followers in statistics. This will help you understand what content your target audience likes the most.

But you shouldn’t limit your creativity by these ideas only! Surf TikTok and always get encouraged by new ideas and creators.