If you're TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram creator or just need to produce a track for any reason just once, keep reading!

So, you have decided to upload a video on a social media platform. But a video can't do without a sound, right? Even though some users watch videos with the sounds off, the majority still enjoys video content unmuted. But how to make the video stand out? Original tracks that are not yet mainstream will help you do exactly that!

We all know examples when an original TikTok sound becomes a viral meme, or a unique track comes to be extremely popular due to social media, so the rightly chosen back music or voice is of great importance.

And though Instagram Reels, YouTube and TikTok sound libraries provide you with a large choice of music, you surely want your video to be like no one else's.

Luckily, there’s a solution. And that is LALAL.AI, an AI-powered source stem separation service which allows you to remove six stems out of any audio or video: vocal, backtrack, piano, drum, guitar and bass.

How to Isolate Vocals, Backtracks and Single Instrument Stems From Any Audio and Video

With LALAL.AI, you can remove a vocal from a song , make acapella from any music track and even extract a voice from any video and movie in just a couple of clicks.

Nonetheless, let’s focus on how you can create a track for your TikTok, Instagram and YouTube videos by removing any stem from an audio file or a video clip.

Follow these steps to isolate a stem with LALAL.AI:

  1. Open the LALAL.AI website.
  2. Choose what you want to isolate - vocal and instrumental, drums, bass, acoustic or electric guitar, or piano.

3. Click Select File. You can choose an audio or a video file of any format, length, and size.

4. Upload a song or video from the opened folder clicking on it. You can upload up to ten minutes to be processed for free.

5. Wait a few seconds until the process is complete.

6. Click the Play button to the preview.

7. Click Process the entire track button if you're content with the preview and enter your email address. The track will then be sent to your email.

The output files will be saved in the same format and quality as the input track.

To extract a sound from a video or a movie, take the same steps but instead of an audio track, upload a video.

Check the short guide to learn more about it:

Now when you extracted a sound from a video, song, or even movie, it’s time to add it to your video you want to upload on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.