If you’re looking for the best Instagram photo and video downloader and are torn between Qoob Stories and SaveFrom, search no further. In this article, we’ll cover how the two viewers are different and which one you should choose to download photos, videos, and stories from Instagram.

What is SaveFrom.net

Savefrom.net is a website that allows you to download media content from Instagram by copying and pasting an Instagram post URL.

Alternatively, you can use the tool as a Chrome extension and an Android smartphone app.

According to the developers, the tool can help you:

  • Download Instagram photos by URL
  • Download Instagram videos by URL
  • Download media content from other social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Vkontakte, Vimeo, and more.

How to Save Instagram Photos and Videos with Savefrom.net

The tool offers rather straightforward functionality: you just copy the URL link of a post you want to save, paste it onto the website field, and click the download button.

How to Uninstall Savefrom From Your Browser

If you have installed the Savefrom.net extension to your Chrome browser and wonder how to remove it, just follow these steps:

  1. Find the Extensions bar in your browser and click on it.

2. Find the Savefrom.net extension. It’s called the OrangeMonkey.

3. Press the three dots icon next to the name of the extension and choose “Remove from Chrome”.

Qoob Stories vs Savefrom

Unlike Savefrom.net, Qoob Stories is a desktop application that requires installation on your PC or Mac. The app is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux devices.

With Qoob Stories, you can:

  1. Download Instagram photos and videos without URLs.

Qoob Stories offers a better solution than Savefrom.net: you just install the app on your PC and search for a relevant hashtag, location or username.

With Qoob Stories, you can download multiple media marked with one hashtag or location without copying each of their URLs. The app automatically views and downloads it for you once you press only one button.

All you need to do is to enter a hashtag, location or an Instagram username, click 'Subscribe' to have photos, videos, stories and/or Highlights saved on your device!

2. Download new posts and stories automatically.

If you want to, you can have all new posts and stories of a specific user, hashtag or location automatically downloaded on your device. Qoob Stories creates a special folder for each of your subscriptions so that you can easily find content on your machine and enjoy it offline.

3. Search for content and profiles right in the app.

If you don't know an Instagrammer whose photos, videos and stories you want to download but know only a hashtag or location, you can enter it right in Qoob Stories and find relevant posts in the app.

Qoob Stories will then mass download media you select in an instant.

4. Browse Insta content without opening Instagram.

Qoob Stories is not a web service; that’s a desktop tool available for Windows, macOS and Linux. To start browsing Instagram content and viewing Instagram stories anonymously, you don't need to open Instagram at all: Qoob Stories will do everything in-app.

5. View your friends' feed as your own.

How curious and fun it would be to see someone’s Instagram feed just like you see your own, right? Luckily, now it’s possible to do within just a few clicks with Qoob Stories!

All you need is to enter a username whose feed you want to see and subscribe to their followings within Qoob Stories!

6. Back up an Instagram account.

Qoob Stories allows you not only to enjoy and browse Instagram content on your desktop but to back up your own Instagram page as well.

Within Qoob Stories, you can subscribe to your own Instagram account and have all new media you've uploaded and will upload automatically saved on your computer. You can also download posts that you're tagged in.

As you see, the two tools have quite different functions and work principles, so choose what suits your needs best and enjoy downloading Insta content for free!