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How to Download Instagram Videos

Instagram currently doesn’t let you download videos directly from the native app. Yet, with Qoob Stories, you can easily save Instagram videos to your PC or Mac. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Install and launch Qoob Stories.

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2. Log into your Instagram account in-app.

3. Enter the name of an Instagram account, hashtag or location into the search bar.

Type in Instagram username, hashtag or location

4. Select the suitable option from the drop-down suggestions list.

Click on any video

5. Click the settings icon located next to the Download button. Uncheck all boxes except Download video posts.

6. Click the Download button.

If you want to play the videos right away, click the video previews within the application and they are going to be opened via your default video player.

In order to open the folder containing the downloaded Instagram videos, right-click the preview and select the Show in Folder option in the drop-down list.

You can also download Instagram photos, Stories and Highlights with the software. Read the full guide on how to use Qoob Stories.