There are a plethora of tools and ways to save Instagram content. DownloadGram (now known as KeepPost) has been one of the most popular tools for that. Yet now the market offers a lot more convenient, safe and useful apps, such as Qoob Stories.

If you’re looking for a robust DownloadGram alternative, check what we’ll tell you next!

DownloadGram (KeepPost) VS Qoob Stories

DownloadGram (KeepPost) is a one-page site with a link insertion form and the ‘Download’ button. No wonder that the service is not quite functionality-wise. It’s curious though, that if you want to download an Instagram video and press Download, the Download Video button pops up only after. The service doesn’t automatically detect that you put a video link.

You need to press the Download Video button, and only after this, your video will be saved on your device.

On the one hand, the service which doesn’t have any settings or extra functionality seems easy to use and convenient. However, you can’t manually control nor choose the quality, frame rate and format of the content. Besides, DownloadGram names the content you want to download with a long line of numbers.

Qoob Stories names the files as a date the post was published on Instagram.

And though you can use DownloadGram on your browser, which means you can use it on any device, there’s a big safety concern.

When we tried to use DownloadGram, right after we pressed the Download button, a new tab opened that said our computer caught a virus and asked to confirm the action on the page to start ‘scanning for malware’.

This clearly means that DownloadGram is not safe to use at all.

Qoob Stories doesn’t have the same issues - it’s absolutely safe to use.

Speaking of the functionality of the Qoob Stories app, here are the features that you might find useful:

  • View and download Instagram posts (photos and videos), stories and Highlights by inserting a link and searching for content in-app
  • Save tagged posts
  • Back up your Instagram account
  • Save Instagram post captions
  • Browse Instagram feed without ads
  • Browse your friends’ Instagram feeds with no hacking

Try Qoob Stories for free and share your feedback with us! The app is available for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu.