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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

With Qoob Stories you can watch Instagram Stories anonymously ― thanks to this application you don’t need to create a fake account to view Instagram Stories of users without them knowing. Just follow this simple guide to watch and download them in batch:

1. Install and launch Qoob Stories.

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2. Login into your Instagram account in-app.

Click login button

Type in Instagram login information

3. Enter an Instagram account into the search field.

Make sure the Stories download feature is enabled. Click the settings icon located next to the Download button to open the Download Options. Check the box next to Download Stories.

Download options window

4. After the search is done, you can view Stories of the chosen account right inside the application. You can also refresh existing searches and keep watching Instagram Stories anonymously from a desktop computer when there will be any updates.

Stories list

Tip: Instagram Stories are marked with Circled dot sign, other pictures are Instagram posts. Stories are shown before Instagram posts.