If you've got a public Instagram account, blocking somebody means they can't see your account while logged into the app. And vice versa, if someone blocked you, you can’t see their photos, videos and stories. Theoretically.

We might have ended the article here, but practically, there are ways to see what a user who blocked you or who is blocked by you is posting on Instagram.

These ways are the subject of this article.

Ways to View a Blocked Instagram Account Media

Create Fake Account

If know that the user rejects your follow request for a reason, you can create a fake account and try your luck following them with it.

Upload a profile picture, create a username, and in order not to look like a bot, upload several posts or stories and earn a few followers though this is optional.

Note that you shouldn’t synchronise your account and smartphone contacts and your phone number; otherwise, you’ll reveal yourself, and other users will find out who you are.

Use Other Social Media Accounts of This User

Many users make their Instagram accounts private forgetting about other social media and copy their Insta posts (at least some of them) to Twitter, Facebook, TikTok or any other social pages. If you want to find out what the user posts on Instagram, you might as well want to find their profiles on other social media pages by googling them or searching for the username within the social media sites.

Use Your Mutual Friend’s Account

If you and the user whose account you want to view have mutual friends, ask your friend to send you screenshots of the account.

But this is a bit creepy, so let’s head over to the next, the best way of all.

Install Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is exactly the tool that can handle the task. Follow the simple steps below to download your friends’ private Instagram posts.

  1. Download and launch Qoob Stories.
  2. Enter the username of an account that blocked you or who you blocked.
  3. Press Download.
  4. Enjoy!

All the results will be displayed on the dashboard of Qoob Stories: photos, videos, stories and highlights. Thus, you’ll be able to see the media that is hidden from you on Instagram.

To view where the content is stored on your PC or Mac, hover the mouse over any photo or video and press the three dots at the upper right, then choose the Show in Finder option.

With Qoob Stories, you can also follow these users without following them on Instagram and get their content automatically added within the app anytime you open the app.