Our Instagram gallery is a kind of a digital memory lane, an online track of our lives. So it’s wise to have a backup of your Instagram page.

Recently, Instagram began to block accounts for no particular reason. Previously, it was possible to restore an account even in a few hours, but now the process can drag on for weeks and months, and the most "lucky" cannot unlock their pages at all.

In this regard, we want to remind you that you should back up your Instagram account quite regularly.

Here are some ways to back up your Instagram account and never lose access to your data!

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories enables you to download all Instagram media, including not only photo and video posts but also Instagram Highlights and Saved posts with captions. Follow the steps below to back up your entire Instagram account.

1. Launch Qoob Stories.

2. Click Tools at the menu bar.

Alternatively, you can just enter your own Instagram username, press 'Download' and call it a day. The app will download all your content in no time.

Each time you open the app, Qoob Stories will auto-check your account to see if there's any new content has been added. If it has, it will automatically download it on your PC or Mac.

3. Select the Login option from the drop-down menu.

4. Login using your Instagram account credentials. It’s needed to access your Instagram Stories, Highlights, Saved posts, as well as in case your account is private.

Tip: You can change the folder all files will be downloaded to at Tools > Preferences.

5. Click Edit at the menu bar, select Download > My Account. Your Instagram posts (with captions), Stories and Highlights will start downloading.

How to Download Saved Instagram Posts with Qoob Stories

To download your Instagram Saved posts collection, click Edit at the menu bar, select Download > My Saved Posts.

Instagram Download Request

Instagram also can officially send an archive with your data if you request so. This function allows you to get an archive with all photos, videos and stories that have been published on your account. The archive will also contain lists of followers and followings, your likes and comments and even your DM chats!

The easiest way to do this is through the Instagram website. Go to your page and click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Next, select "Privacy and Security". Now you can request an archive with data. It shouldn't take long, even though there will be a 48 hour maximum wait time warning.

The download link will be sent to the mail linked to your account or the one you specified in the request.

Things you should know about this method:

1. In the archive, photos, videos and stories will have a standard 'readable' form, but all other lists are in JSON format, so it might not be easy for you to read them if you're not tech-savvy.

2. You can request a data file every four days.

3. An archive with data can be formed for up to 48 hours, depending on the amount of data in it, and then it will be sent by mail.

4. The link to download the archive will only be available for 48 hours, so download the file right away, do not delay.

If you don’t need to back up your likes, comments and DM chats but need to back up only photos and videos, you can use an easier and quicker way instead - Qoob Stories! Thus, you will save 48 hours or more since you won’t need to wait for the data to download. Qoob Stories will back up your account in seconds.