Instagram, sadly, doesn’t let users download photos, videos, someone else’s stories and highlights to a phone or PC right from the app or browser due to the privacy and copyright policy. However, you can still download images and videos using third-party tools.

Let's cover the ways to surpass this limitation and save Instagram media on your computer or smartphone.

Qoob Stories - Our Choice

Qoob Stories is a smart desktop Instagram content viewer that lets you browse and save Stories and Highlights, download photos and videos from public and private Instagram accounts.

The downloading process is extremely easy: you just install the app on your PC or Mac and enter the username or hashtag which content you want to save.

Qoob Stories does the rest for you:

  • Views and downloads Instagram stories and highlights
  • Downloads Instagram photos and videos by hashtags and usernames
  • Saves Instagram posts captions
  • Gets all the new content downloaded automatically
  • Lets you browse Instagram feed without ads
  • Backs up your Instagram account

And together with its brother-app Qoob Clips, you can also view and download TikTok videos of any creator in bulk.


iGrab is a free online service, which you can use to easily save a video, photo or IGTV on both a smartphone and a personal computer. The tool is available without registration.

To use the app, you need to copy the link to the video from Instagram to the clipboard on the site and press the Download button.

The browser will start downloading the video, which by default will be placed in the system download folder. In the same way, the service allows you to download photos.


This is another popular online service for saving Instagram files. It works according to absolutely the same principle as the previous one. To download a video or image, you also need a link to the media you want to save.

Ingramer (now Inflact)

Ingramer, or how it is now called Inflact, has a very straightforward interface that allows you to download any form of content from Instagram, whether it'd be a video, an IGTV, a photo, or an Instagram story.

The download process itself is pretty easy to understand.

Hashtags For Likes

Hashtags For Likes is a web-based Instagram content downloader. This tool allows you to save any Instagram photo, video, or story by copying the video or image URL.

Instagram Downloader by w3toys

Instagram Downloader, just as its name implies, is a web tool for quick and easy Instagram content download. It follows an easy two-step process to download any photos and videos you like from Instagram.

Just copy the URL of the media and paste it into the text box on the site. The tool can be used across multiple devices and operating system.


This app is another handy Instagram content downloader. It finds photos and videos by a username and displays the profile content in its window, but does not automatically download anything.

To download a photo or video using Save-o-gram, you will need to open the tool and enter the username in the search bar, then click on the arrow button.


SocialDown is a social media downloading tool that is available to use online free of charge. It lets you save an Instagram profile picture along with photos and videos. Besides, the tool supports the posting on Instagram feature as well.


iGram is yet another online tool that allows you to download Instagram photos, videos, IGTV and carousels through a copy-paste way. iGram can be easily used on any device, such as smartphone, tablet or PC.

iGram also supports the download of Instagram Reels - short TikTok-like videos within Instagram.


InstaOffline is a cool Instagram media downloader that helps users download IGTV, Reels, and private videos from Instagram with no hassle. With InstaOffline, you can download as many photos and videos you like without limitations.