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How to Download Instagram Photos by Hashtag

With help of Qoob Stories you can download Instagram photos posted under specific hashtag - in an instant you can get hundreds of pictures of interest saved to your computer. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Install and launch Qoob Stories.

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2. Type in a hashtag of your interest in the specific field in the top using # symbol before the word.

Type in hashtag

3. Click the Download button to generate results. Qoob Stories will download and save Instagram photos directly to your PC.

Click the Download button


  • Click the Arrow symbol on the latest previewed photo to show all the downloaded photos from Instagram:
  • Click the Arrow

  • Hover the cursor over a picture to display the caption, as well as date and time the photo was downloaded on:
  • Hover the cursor over a picture

  • Click the Folder symbol to show the downloaded file in the destination folder; click three dots nearby will show you all the activities for the particular photo:
  • Open the folder

  • Click Update Posts button to update the current search:
  • Click Update Posts button

You can also refresh all the subscriptions in one click by going to Edit menu > Update All Subscriptions or by clicking F5 button on your keyboard:

Click Update All Subscriptions