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How to Fix the Too Many Requests Error

Instagram limits the number of requests that can be submitted from a single IP address during a given time period. Whether you use the official Instagram application (and its web version) or a third-party Instagram service like Qoob Stories, excessive activity is likely to lead to a temporary action restriction. When the limit is crossed, Instagram returns error messages like “Rate limit exceeded”, “Throttled by Instagram because of too many API requests” or just “Too many requests”. Here is what you can do to fix this issue:

1. Wait it out. Since the rate limit is time-based, you can simply refrain from using Instagram and Qoob Stories for a few hours or days.

After a while, open the official Instagram application to confirm your identity. Go to the Settings > Security > Login Activity and tap "This Was Me". Try to do some simple actions, such as changing your profile picture, updating the bio information, uploading a new post or Story.

2. Change connection. Connect from another network like another WiFi spot, mobile connection or hotspot.

3. Connect via another IP address. Change your IP address via the in-app proxy settings within Qoob Stories (Tools > Preferences > Proxy). If you’re using a VPN utility, change the current country to another one.

4. Revoke access from third-party apps. We strongly recommend against using Qoob Stories simultaneously with other third-party Instagram services. If you do, change your password and log in again only via Instagram and Qoob Stories.