Back in 2020, speculation about the U.S. and India banning TikTok due to privacy concerns took place. Because of this, many TikTok creators and regular users instantly started downloading their favourite videos and secure their own TikTok accounts. And though TikTok is still available almost all over the world, you might still be concerned that it won’t be like this forever.

Just like you, we in Qoob don’t know what is ahead of us regarding TikTok, but we know for sure that you can easily save all your precious memories and favourite content for good.

So here are some ways to be prepared if you can’t access your TikTok account anymore.

How to Back Up Your TikTok Data

Qoob Clips

Of course, you can download each of your videos manually on your smartphone, but we offer a better solution - Qoob Clips.

Qoob Clips is a smart tool that lets you view and download clips and music from public and private TikTok accounts, back up your TikTok page, follow TikTok profiles and monitor other accounts’ feeds.

To back up your TikTok account and store all your videos, captions and hashtags simply download Qoob Clips, open it on your computer and enter your own username in the search bar.

The app will then automatically download all your videos in a special folder it creates on your PC or Mac.

To play your videos, click on any of them, and it will be automatically played in your default player. To show the content where it’s stored on your PC or play it on TikTok, hover over the video, click on the three dots icon and select the required option.

Besides, if you don’t delete the account from the Qoob Clips dashboard, it will automatically download all the new content you upload on TikTok as soon as you open the app again.

How to Download Others’ TikTok Videos

With Qoob Clips, you can also download someone else’s TikTok videos and accounts, search and download videos by hashtags and more!

To do so, you also should enter a username of an account whose videos you want to save and press ‘Download’. All the videos, captions, and hashtags will be on your dashboard right away.

Your Smartphone Settings

With the help of your smartphone, you can request a copy of your TikTok account information and download data such as your username, profile picture, your bio and contact details. You will also be able to get a copy of your activity (videos, comments, chats, likes and saved videos), and your settings, including privacy settings, notifications and language.

Here’s how you can download your TikTok data on your iPhone and Android smartphone.

1. Open TikTok on your phone and go to your profile.

2. Click on the three lines at the top right corner.

3. Under “Account,” select “Privacy.”

4. Click on “Personalization and data” → “Download your data.”

5. In “Download your data” you will learn more about what exactly you can download. Click “Request data.” In the “Download data” tab, make sure your request is pending.

6. Once your data is ready for download, you will receive a message from TikTok saying that “The file you’ve requested containing your TikTok information is now ready for you to download.” Tap that message and select “Download.”

7. When you download the file, you will find all your data. To save your TikToks, click on the “Videos” folder, then “Videos.txt” file.

Note that the file doesn’t actually have your videos, it merely has the metadata.

To save the videos themselves, you need to copy and paste the video link into your web browser, then download the TikTok to your smartphone.

Keep in mind that these steps allow you to download your own TikTok videos only, not created by other users.

Now you know how to easily back up your TikTok account and be safe in case of a ban or restriction!