The Qoob team is happy to announce that the new Qoob Stories has been released! The update is packed with new features and improvements. Keep on reading to find out more.


If you have never used Qoob Stories before and don’t know what to do after you install it on your PC or Mac, the brief and distinct onboard instructions will show you how to use the application step by step.

You will learn how to set up advanced download options.

You will also learn how to start saving Instagram content with Qoob Stories.

And how to log in with your Instagram account for extended access.

In case you update the app within Qoob Stories itself, you can simply skip the guide.

Tagged Posts Download

The new update lets you save Instagram posts with you or other users tagged on them. No more screenshots or pinging people who tagged you to send you the photo - just one click, and Qoob Stories will capture your memories for you!

To download Instagram tagged posts, enable the setting within the Advanced Download Options to save the posts that you and other Instagram users were tagged in. Then enter a username and press Download.

Note that the feature is available only for Premium Qoob Stories users.

Download, Not a Subscribe Button

We know that some of our users were confused when clicking on the Subscribe button since it felt like you follow someone on Instagram. We care about your experience, so we decided to change the button’s name to eliminate any confusion about its function.

By pressing the Download button, know that you don’t follow the user or hashtag on Instagram. You simply save its content on your device.

New Notifications

New Qoob Stories notifies you when there’s no enough space on your hard drive or when your Internet connection is lost.

New Sorting Option & Items Count Display

Each subscription stack now has a counter of downloaded items. Hover the cursor over the counter to open full information about the content types and the last time the subscription was updated.

Now you can also sort the subscription stacks by the total number of items they contain.

Hope you enjoy the update! Install the new release here and share your thoughts with us.