Hashtags are special metadata tags used on all social media to help you discover and organise content based on its theme and idea.

On Instagram, users leverage descriptive, event, and brand hashtags. In fact, anything can be a hashtag that will help you find, view and organise relevant content.

The one and only issue with Instagram is that it doesn't allow you to view stories tagged with a certain hashtag.

But regardless of what Instagram hashtag you want to download and view its posts and stories, you can easily do it with Qoob!  

Just follow the steps below.

1. Launch Qoob Stories on your PC or Mac.

2. Type in an Instagram hashtag into the search bar of the application.

3. Select a suitable result from the search suggestions.

4. Log in to your Instagram account. Viewing and saving of stories is not available until you log in with your Instagram credentials.

5. Click the settings icon next the Subscribe button.

6. Uncheck all boxes except the Download Stories one to only view and save stories.

Tip: Hashtags may include hundreds of thousands of posts. If you want to only view and download Instagram stories within a certain time period, set the required time frame above the downloading options.

7. Click the Subscribe button.

8. That’s it! Wait a few moments before the download is complete.

Install Qoob Stories on your Windows, macOS or Linux desktop to save any Instagram content with ease.