Instagram block lets you easily avoid unwanted communication with Instagram users. But what if someone blocked you? In this article, you’ll learn how to figure out if you have been blocked by an Instagram user and how to still see what this user posts.

Instagram Blacklist: How To Know You’re In There?

Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone blocks you or restricts your actions. There are two types of Instagram sanctions that can be applied to you - an account block and restriction.

Instagram Account Block

This is the most radical way to limit your communication with another user. But how can you tell if you have been blocked on Instagram?

Here are several signs that let you tell you were blocked by another user on Instagram.

  • You were automatically removed from followings or followers of the user.
  • You can’t find the user who blocked you on Instagram search. But you can find them from another account of yours. This is the easiest way to know if someone did block you.

If you can see the profile and also the posts, then you aren’t blocked (in case of public profiles). For private accounts, if you see the profile with the message 'This Account is Private,' then everything is fine.

In case you can see the profile and the post count, but the area displaying the posts shows No Posts message, then, yes, you have been blocked.

However, if the profile doesn’t appear in search at all, then either the person has deactivated their profile, or they did block you. To verify your suspicion, you must investigate other proofs as mentioned below.

  • You can’t DM this user if you have previously had conversation with them on Instagram Direct.
  • You can go to the user’s account through Instagram Direct but you will see an empty page with no posts or any activity.

If someone blocked you on Instagram, you won’t be able to see posts of a user who did it, their followers and followings counts. You won’t be able to follow them: ‘User not found’ instead of the ‘Follow’ button will show up.

The user page won’t be available on Instagram web, either. To make sure you are really blocked by the person, try to find the user from another Instagram account or throughout the web version of Instagram without logging in your account.

  • All comments and likes you left on the user’s account will be deleted. Note that if a person unblocks you, likes, comments and your status as their follower will not return. All DMs you sent when you were blocked, won’t be delivered to them either.

Instagram Restriction

This way is a lot more humane that an Instagram block and restricts only certain activity on the account that blocks you. It’s hard to tell if you were actually restricted, so you’d better have another Instagram account to make sure.

All in all, there are two main signs that you have been restricted by someone.

  1. Your comments don’t appear under the user’s post or appear not right after you left them.

If your actions are restricted by the user, this person needs to approve your comments first. Only then they will be visible to the public or, in case they don’t approve, visible only to yourself.

 2. You can’t see the user’s status (online or offline) in DM nor can’t you see that            your message has been read.

But here’s the thing: a user can hide this in private settings (Settings - Privacy - Activity Status - Show Activity Status - Off), so this sign doesn’t always mean you were restricted. To find out for sure, you need to use another Instagram account and check it from there.

Someone Blocked You on Instagram. Now What?

If you figured out that someone blocked you on Instagram, you can still find out what they publish. And you don’t need another Instagram account for that!

With the Qoob Stories app, you can search for users, hashtags and locations without need of logging in, so you can easily find and download posts of the user who blocked you.

You can also view their stories anonymously and download them, save their posts caption, view their feed as your own and browse Instagram feed without ads.

All you need to do is to download the app and install it on your PC.

Then type in Instagram username of a person who you think has blocked you.

When the results are loaded, see them in-app or click Show in Folder in the drop down menu or the Folder icon to view all the downloaded Instagram posts. Click on any displayed image to preview it in your default image viewer. That's it!

Tip: You can also subscribe to accounts without using your native account in the IG app, and new photos of users will be automatically updated and loaded each time you open the application.

So even if you have been blocked by anyone on Instagram, there's always a loophole with Qoob Stories!